About Us

Scavenger Behavior is the way to satisfy your taste buds from anywhere at anytime.

We bring your food truck cravings right to you.


Different types of features available here :

Food Truck Owners
  • Keep the process, calm and precise, during high traffic hours.

  • Understand customer’s exact needs with specific add-ons and special requests.

  • Receive and track pre-order requests before Window opens to help get a head start on a shift.

  • Show their exact location.

  • Place an order through the app to avoid long lines

  • Get notifications for when an order is ready for pick-up

  • Locate your favorite truck and follow its schedule.

  • Pre-order before a truck is open and option to arrange for a specific pick-up time.

App Features
  • Menu for food trucks

  • Ordering from food trucks

  • Categories of food for refining search options

  • Coupon Integration

  • Profile System – Chef and User

  • Account Management – Chef and User

  • Map

  • Rating System

  • Review System

  • Search

  • Filtering System

  • In-App Purchases: Food trucks can pay for ranking in news feed

  • News Feed: Showing featured food trucks

  • Payment Processing

  • In-App Calling

  • In-App Messaging

  • Shopping Cart

  • Social Media Login

  • Social Media Sharing